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my friend have been betrayed by his love of 3 years. he loves her madly even now and misses her very much. he had asked her to give him a chance to explain, but she denied him.

she has moved on in life and is presently in a relationship. my friend wants to get her back as she is his life...what should he do to get her back?

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Dec 07, 2010
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by: StormyinVa

(Second post couldn't squeeze it all in on the first response)

On a brighter note the next person he falls in love with will greatly benefit from his ability to overcome such adversity as he will love her, respect her and never take her for granite...Maybe once he is able to move on as his partner has done he will be able to clearly feel your heart felt compassion and catch a glimpse of the love that flickers beneath your loving eyes as well...Good luck to both of you and God bless...

Dec 07, 2010
by: StormyinVA

To all who may read these words please always remember that it doesnt matter how many years you spend building a relationship with your partner, no matter the magnitude of the love that you share it only takes one harsh word or one mistake to destroy all that you both have worked so hard create.

It may seem that she should have given him a second chance or that maybe she didnt love him the same as he had loved her right? Certainly if She had cherished his love she would have welcomed him back with open arms after some time had passed right? Not necessarily true.

Try to look at her choice from a different perspective and pass along these words to the man still in mourning for his lost love. Love doesn't simply go away,it just doesn't end when our significant other has done something to cause us pain however to deal with such betrayal its human nature and a very sensible decesion to seperate from the relationship allowing ourselves the necessary time to heal, preventing us from any rash decisions being made in anger.

What is sounds like to me is that this person that he betrayed took that time apart making the choice to move on with her life in spite of the love they once shared understanding that the impact of what he had done could be forgiven but never forgotten. Unselfishly she chose to walk away preventing any chance of punishing the man she loved by realizing that any tiny uncertainty that may have arrisen down the road would more than likely had throw her into emotional downward sprial and even his most innocent acts would have been contradicted and questioned punishing not only him but herself as well. In reality He should be thankful she made this choice allowing both of them to find peace and happiness in their lives despite this lost love.

Each of their paths crossed for a brief time and for a larger reason unknown to either but a blessing to some stranger. Here's a grand rule to remember as we continue on our life journey... realize that Every person we meet in our lives if even for just one moment, we have an effect on somehow, good or bad... just think how different someone's life may have become due to a single action we may have made.

I'm sure as children we can all recollect some words or actions that have stuck with us to this day... Fatty, or big ears,our first love that didn't love us back, a cruel lie, or even just a grim glance our way these things altered our behaviors and lives in some way. I hope this helps your friend and I hate this experience for him and what a hard lesson to learn. However if he learns from the mistakes he has made,the ordeal will inevitably make him a stronger, wiser man without fear of any future transgressions.

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