Biracial Relationship

by Anna
(New York)

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Biracial Relationship

Hello my name is Anna, I am 23 years old. I am from Poland as well as all of my family. We are the first generation to come to the states.

Almost 4 years ago, I met my boyfriend Brandon. Ever since then, my life has been hell. When I told my parents that I was dating a black man, that was the beginning of the end for me. Everybody in my immediate family instantly disowned me and gave me no hello for 3 years.

During the past 3 years, my boyfriend and I went through a lot, almost too much to handle. I have stuck with him through everything because I honestly feel like our souls are connected. My family's acceptance is so important to me, but I can't hello who I truly love and care about.

My family doesn't like my boyfriend for the following reasons: he's black, he has a criminal history, and he does not have a college education. All of these things make him look bad, but he is not a dead beat guy, he has always had a job, always worked full time and did everything he possibly could to support me.

I feel like he didn't get the opportunity to grow up away from crime. He was in and out of homes for most of his childhood/adolescence. I recently moved back to my parents' house because we were running low on money with no support from anyone, I decided to go back home. The only way I was allowed back was to lie and tell my parents, sister and brother that I broke up with him.

I thought that separation would make me realize that he's not the one for me, but I can't lie to myself when I know that he is. I love him to death and don't want to be with anyone else. I have not seen him in over two months, and it's torture to know that he's right there, and I cannot see him.

I feel like my parents do not treat me as an adult and do not respect my decisions. I have so much built-up anger for everyone being against us. I walk around depressed all day and it is hard to have motivation for anything dealing with this. I am asking for your advice on what I should do. If I want to go back to him, I will lose my family again for good. Please help!


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Oct 29, 2010
Biracial Relationship
by: Anonymous

I have been married to my Husband for almost 2 years and we have dated for 6 years prior. I am white and he is African American. I was always scared that my family would have been the same way but in reality they are very accepting, however his family is not.

Girl if you love this man like you do then be with him there is no reason to be depressed because your family sees color and you see something completely different, if they can't respect your personal life and who you love they have no respect for you.

Do what you have to do to be with the love of your life! Me and my husband are truly happy together and that's all that matters is living your life the way YOU choose. Keep your head up girl and be with your heart.

Apr 14, 2010
Biracial Relationship
by: jessica

I really have never been in a biracial relationship, but in my opinion, it's your life , so live it. If they can't accept the person you love, that's their fault, not yours, so girl, go after him because if you don't, you might lose him. Go for it and forget what everyone else says or thinks. Go for what your heart says.

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