Black Man Poem

The black man poem below was sent to us in an email without the author's name. When we wrote the sender and inquired about the author, we were told that it was written by a black guy from Texas. If anyone knows the author, please contact us so we can give proper credit. It's our belief that the words may have been written by comedian Chris Rock.

Update: one of our kind web visitors, Tina, wrote to tell us that she didn't think Chris Rock wrote this poem because she first read it 15-16 years ago in college and Chris would have been too young to write it. She saw the poem attributed to an "African Shakespeare" on another site.

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Black Man Poem

When I born, I black,

When I grow up, I black,

When I go in sun, I black,

When I cold, I black,

When I scared, I black,

When I sick, I black,

And when I die, I still black.

You white folks....

When you born, you pink,

When you grow up, you white,

When you go in sun, you red,

When you cold, you blue,

When you scared, you yellow,

When you sick, you green,

When you bruised, you purple,

And when you die, you gray.

So who you calling colored folks???

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