Blurred Images

by Kyla Jo Ann Parras
(Hamilton County IL)

The way you breathe

Leaves me breathless
I long to see your face
As the days grow nearer
My love grows stronger
My heart beats faster
And the days grow longer
My eyes grow weaker
Only you can fix the blurred images
They strain from you absence
I want to see your bright red hair
Look deep into your dark brown eyes
I want to taste the sweetness of your lips on mine
I want to hear your soft voice ringing deep in my ears
I need to feel your velvet touch upon my hair
My heart jumps at the thought of your name
I feel my body weakening in your presence
My mind wonders day after day
Our meeting day won?t come soon enough
But when it does our time will fly away
We will make the best of our memories
And save them for another time
But in the end I will never have to worry
Because I know you are forever mine

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