Boy Oh Boy

Oh boy. I met a boy away on vacation, but I didn't start talking to him until 2 weeks later online. All he would talk about was "Maggie" but I still really liked him. Then he realized Maggie was a bitch. Then he went camping and met a girl and liked her and told me all about it. Then he told me he likes me, but still liked the girl from camping.

We couldn't find a date that would work for us but then he went to a party and she was there. Next thing you know, they're dating. Of course, I didn't have enough balls to ask about it, but eventually I did. (He said he still "sorta" liked me.) But then they broke up and I'm still not sure how he feels about me. We continue to talk online.

Meanwhile, there's Alex who's like totally in love with me, but he's all sad cause he hears me talking about this other kid to my friends and he thinks he has no chance. Alex is like the most popular kid in the grade. Anyway, I told Alex I didn't like him cause I couldn't lead him on. I supposedly "broke his heart". I felt bad, but then he started being an ass about the fact that I didn't like him so I'm just done now.

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