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Should I Give Up on a Boyfriend/Girlfriend Relationship?

I've been talking to this guy since my freshman year in college. He has recently graduated and I am now a junior. It has been two years and he has yet to ask me to be his girlfriend.

After we started talking, I found out he had a baby on the way, who is now about 2 years old, and that he was a whore, not to mention he's in Frat, so imagine. But now I am a member of a sorority and we both are like a hot commodity.

Now that we have gotten past the first stages, and have learned a lot and gained more respect for each other, we do everything that a couple does (go out, spend quality time, sex, etc), just without the title.

Over time, we've been kicking it, I found out about a lot of other girls, but mostly when we first started out. I always asked him what's the hold-up and why is it that we are still not together.

He tells me that he is just not ready and that he is going to get serious with the next girl he gets with, so he wants to make sure that he is ready. I totally respect that, however, I feel as though he is stringing me along until he and the mother of his child work things out.

He is constantly reassuring me that there is nothing there between them, and they are not planning on getting back together, but in the club, she shows out on him when she sees us dancing (so I'm thinking she's doing that for a reason).

He claims to love me, and at times he shows me that. I also understand that I can't ask for too much, considering we are not together. Yes, we are young, but I feel as though we should be worth more by now. What should I do?

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