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Other than children, parents and your spouse, no one can give you more pleasure or pain than your boyfriend. And your first can affect your beliefs about love for many relationships to come.

Love can be confusing. It picks us up and lets us down. Let the quotations below make you smile or speak to you and offer some insight into your relationships.

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Love is the flower of life, and blossoms 
unexpectedly and without law, and must 
be plucked where it is found, and enjoyed 
for the brief hour of its duration.
~ D.H. Lawrence

Before I met you I never knew what it was like; to look at someone and smile for no reason. 
~ Unknown

God made woman beautiful and foolish; 
beautiful, that man might love her; and 
foolish, that she might love him.
~ Unknown

I love you not only for what you are, but for what 
I am when I am with you. I love you not only for 
what you have made of yourself, but for what 
you are making of me. I love you for the part of 
me that you bring out.

~ Roy Croft

No man is worth your tears, but once you find one 
that is, he won't make you cry.
~ Unknown

If something happens you cannot control, then life
isn't going to wait for you to catch up; you just have
to keep on moving with life. If it's a boyfriend problem, 
then think, I'm worth way more then all this. I'm going 
to make it and life goes on.
~ Unknown

My boyfriend used to ask his mother, "How can I
find the right woman for me?" and she would answer,
"Don't worry about finding the right woman, and 
concentrate on becoming the right man.
~ Unknown 

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Boyfriend Love Quotes Submitted by Others

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I will always love you Babe. 
There might come a day, where you feel like you have nothing to live for, just remember this... I will always love you babe, and you can always count on …

Gangster Boyfriend Love Quotes 
Gangster Boyfriend Love Quotes How can I love him, how can I care when all he cares about is his boys and not me? How can I tell him, "I love you," …

Love Can Be a Waste of Time 
Love can be a waste of time when you're with a boy who is going out with other women. To believe that he was the one during the whole time that you were …

Happily Ever After 
When you come around, all I do is smile. I wish it could be like this forever. No tears, no pain, no sorrow. Sadly life and love aren't like the "Happily …

What a Dumb Boyfriend 
Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet, and so are you... But the roses are wilting, the violets are dead, the sugar pots are empty, …

The Boyfriend of Your Dreams 
You want a boyfriend who is his own man and loves listening and talking to you any hour of the night. You think about him a lot, you never really thought …

Boyfriend Quote 
The best boyfriend you'll have isn't the best looking, the funniest, or the richest. He's the one that makes you laugh and feel beautiful. He makes sure …

Love Advise 
Never leave the one you love, for the one you like. Because the one you like will leave you for the one they love. The 11 forgotten laws that make …

How to Talk to Women 
If you are talking to a girl and tell her she is cute and she says no I am not. this is what you should say it works all the time "Yeah, you're right, …

Finding Mr. Right 
I think I'm actually growing up now and beginning to think outside my usual thoughts. I'm starting to realize that I am allowed to fall in love more than …

love is like jumping off a cliff 
love is like jumping off a cliff, you know its going to hurt like hell when you land at the bottom but you jump anyway and just for that short period …

Waiting for Love 
Something worth having is something worth waiting for. Become the woman your man adores and never wants to leave

Love Not rated yet
If your a girl don't search for the right guy, use your time making yourself the right girl. Then the right guy will come to you after he has made himself …

boyfriend quotes on love Not rated yet
No man can be stolen unless he wants to be.

cute boyfriend love quote Not rated yet
Love isn't just a word... it's a meaning and it takes two people to understand what love is and how it works!

Finally Falling Not rated yet
After a person falls in love, nothing seems real. But aftera person falls out of love... Reality hits

awesome boyfriend quote Not rated yet
when i say i love you i mean you are my heart. when i say you are my one and only i mean you are the only reason i live. baby, without you i wouldn't …

my life  Not rated yet
i never knew what it was like til' i met you, i know you gotta go through tons of heartbreak to find the right one, well ya know how they say, you never …

love quote for my boyfriend Not rated yet
i can't help but smile when you look at me; the look in your eyes drives me CRAZY!

Drawings Not rated yet
Out of all the guys I've ever met, you're the one who makes me draw those silly little hearts on my binder with your name on it.

My Hubby Not rated yet
You came so naturally, In an unexpected way, Without my permission, …

boy, please. Not rated yet
boy, i love you. & you love me too you say, listening to you, saying you'll always stay. but then i turn my back, & noticed you have another bay-bay.

Life Lessons Not rated yet
The only way to make the right decision is to go down the wrong path. The only way to learn is to make the same mistake twice. And the only way to …

For who I am Not rated yet
Is it love that tells us who Is it what we feel said he His love so deep he tells me A secret but to know one I must Tell but he loves me with all …

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you never know what you're gonna get Not rated yet
if life was like a box of chocolates, i would have gotten a better one.

Theres Gonna Be The Day.. Not rated yet
She will chase you around for a while; but there's going to be a day when she's gonna stop running in circles around you. She's gonna get over you & at …

food :) Not rated yet
You are the cheese to my macaroni. You are the bread to my sandwich. You are the lettuce to my salad... I love you.

His Wife Not rated yet
I love you not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you. I love you not only for what you have made of yourself, but for what you …

My Love Runs High  Not rated yet
My love for you runs high as the sky, Deep as the sea, Has more stars than there will ever be For all eternity.

I Love You Simple as That Not rated yet
I love you. It's not a weight you must carry around. I love you. It's not a box that holds you in. I love you. It's not a standard you have to …

Cute love quote Not rated yet
You are the Sun, I am the rain, And together, We create ... A Rainbow. ~ MagtralienL

Loving You Not rated yet
If I had to choose between loving you and breathing, I would use my last breath to say, "I love you."

I do love you Not rated yet
Some people say, "You mean the world to me," but the world means nothing to me, compared to you.

Cute Boyfriend Love Quote Not rated yet
Cute Boyfriend Love Quote "If love is a measure of intelligence, I am the most intelligent person in the world." How to find out if someone is …

The Rules of Love Not rated yet
Kiss on the lips = I love you Kiss on the ear = You are special Kiss on the nose = Laughter Kiss on the check = Friendship Kiss on the forehead …

Cute Boyfriend Love Quote Not rated yet
Cute Boyfriend Love Quote You were more than I asked for, Better than my wildest dreams and imaginings.

True Love Quote Not rated yet
True Love Quote The strongest people in the world are defenseless against the powers of true love. ~ Lauren

Quotes on Life and Love Not rated yet
Quotes on Life and Love If you lose the one you love because he loves someone else, don't blame yourself, just be happy that you are …

Awaiting Love Not rated yet
Tears were shed, Our love was lost. I'll love you forever, No matter what the cost. You make me smile, When I want to cry. You're …

Feelings for You Not rated yet
I don't know what I'm feeling. It's almost like I'm not feeling anything at all. But maybe what I'm feeling, Are feelings for you <3 ==Audrey M.Z.== …

Love? Not rated yet
Why make someone a priority in your life when you're only an option in theirs?

My Love Not rated yet
the minute our eyes met, I knew you were the one I had been waiting for. you are exactly like I thought you'd be! you seem like a dream LOVE. you're …

A Love Quote Not rated yet
Love is a complicated, exciting, scary, crazy journey that no matter how hard you try, you can't avoid. *~* Alexa Volkert

Love...Love...Love Not rated yet
Love begins with a smile, grows with a kiss, and ends with a teardrop.

Understand Not rated yet
Love is made of three equal parts: One part blind, One part ignorant, One part broken.

I Love You Not rated yet
A tear rolled down her cheek and landed on her lips. He reached up and wiped it away with his gentle fingertip. Her face was red from crying. …

Ex-boyfriend Not rated yet
i miss the guy i wake up for in the morning i miss the guy i dream about at night i miss the guy who broke up with me that guy is in my heart …

Smother Me Not rated yet
You've burrowed yourself head first into this little heart of mine.

Boyfriend Love Quote Not rated yet
You're the air i breathe every day. Without you, I would die. -Marylin

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Love/Hate Not rated yet
Love is a strong word and so is hate. How can two totally opposite words have the same strong feeling? How can anyone love without being loved herself? …

Cute Boyfriend Quote Not rated yet
There's one person in my life that I need now, and will need for the eternity. He is caring, gentle, and perfect. My family and friends may hate him, but …

Baby Not rated yet
Baby, I need you Baby, I love you Baby, you're mine Baby, I’m yours Baby, don’t leave me Baby, if you do It’s the end of the world for me Baby, …

Crush Quote Not rated yet
The worst way to want someone is to be sitting right next to them, knowing you can't have them.

boyfriend love quote Not rated yet
You know you have found love, when the one you're with knows the song in your heart, and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words. …

I Love Him Not rated yet
I look into his eyes and it's like my heart stops and I just can't think.

Tear Drop Not rated yet
I dropped a tear in the water for my boyfriend. When I find it is when I will stop loving him.

Him Not rated yet
Him—-the one who makes me smile for no reason. I lost him a year ago, but will keep that smile he gave me in my heart forever. Get back your lost …

Love Can't Be Defined Not rated yet
Love isn't all roses and chocolate. It's years, tears, laughter, and fights. No love is perfect, but when you find that special person who makes your heart …

Imperfections Not rated yet
Love isn't finding the perfect person it's seeing an imperfect person perfectly. Be the woman your man adores and never wants to leave simply by …

Love or Not? Not rated yet
I had this boyfriend once and all he could talk about to his friends and even when he knew that i was within ear shot was how hot others guys' girls were …

Cute Boyfriend Love Quotes Not rated yet
I would look at you, and ask myself, why me? When you saw the look I was giving, you would say "I love you" and then I knew why. Be the one your …

Believe in Me Not rated yet
Never doubt, always believe, have faith in me, close your eyes, take my hand, as we walk through the dark and into the light. Create more passion …

You Not rated yet
Be sexy, Be true, Be wild, Be you. Lovemaking secrets - create more passion and intimacy in your love life

Hope Love Quote Not rated yet
When there is love, there is hope. Really Get to Know the Person You Are Dating

Young Love Quote Not rated yet
Love when you are ready, not when you're lonely. ~ Anna

You just don't get it... Not rated yet
I could fill a thousand pages telling you how I feel and still you wouldn't understand ... so now I leave without a sound, except that of my heart and …

All I want... Not rated yet
All I want ... is to be with him ... it doesn't have to be for a long time ... if it is only a few minutes ... a few seconds even ... just to hold him …

Loved and Lost Not rated yet
It's better to have loved & lost than to live with a psycho the rest of your life. Really Get to Know the Person You Are Dating

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