Boyfriend Problems

by skillz

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Boyfriend Problems

I don't know what to do. My boyfriend is the first guy ever to call me a bitch...he always tells me never to disrespect him but he can disrespect me. he tells me to shut up and if I were to tell him to shut up, he'd flip out.

I am a sarcastic person, all my friends get what type of person I am but if I use sarcasm with him, he'll squeeze me arms and tell me to never say anything like that to him again.

I would never do anything to hurt him, but he doesn't trust me at all. He gets jealous quickly if I wear something I like or he'll think I'm dressing for someone else at work. He tells me the woman should always be there for her man. I feel like he's testing me. If I don't text him first he's not happy.

He brings his ex girlfriend into the picture when he's not happy with me or what I do. He wants me to change he way I do things to fit what he wants. I love him the way he is, but when it comes to me, I have to change. Despite this, we have a lot of fun together.

Boyfriend Problems:

He doesn't work because he got hit by a car last year in August. It was minor; he recovered in less then two weeks. He was previously in debt and he still is. I have never been in debt, my savings are higher than average for my age. At first I didn't mind buying things for him because I believe in equality in a relationship. He got greedy and just kept asking for things because I can afford it so I lost $5,000 spending on both of us.

He says he likes catering to his woman but that hasn't happened. I don't really mind though because women shouldn't depend on men. He calls me a slick person because I hang out with my best friend who I never get to see because I work and go to school.

I always have to travel to see him at his house and he has never come to mine. He doesn't want to meet my parents until he's going to school and has a job because he wants to make a good impression. He gets mad if I talk to the opposite sex, compares me to his ex girlfriend.

I just want to know if I should leave this relationship? I open up to him about almost everything except the money thing because I know he'll just get upset. I'm trying to get into university and he tells me if i want to put school first, then let him go.

Other boyfriend problems:

He always threatens to leave me over things couples go through and overcome. If I decide to put myself first and buy myself something, he gets jealous and buys a lot more things instead of paying off his debt. He recently got a laptop. I know he can't afford one and he won't tell me where he got it from. He was also watching other girls online shaking their ass.. he'll go visit his friends to smoke weed, but he won't come visit me.

He does bring me lunch though when he feels like it and he tells me he loves me when it's convenient for him... our sex life is whatever... I could care less to do it.. we can do it and I look forward to it but it's whatever .. if we do it we do it, if we don't we don't. I would like to know if with all these boyfriend problems, I should carry on with him.

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May 26, 2010
What a sack of &@#$
by: Anonymous

This 'boyfriend' you should dump pronto. He is broke, dishonest, lazy, bad in bed, emotionally unavailable, and mentally/physically abusive... it also sounds like he isn't very smart and lacks a sense of humor.

I think you could definitely do better, and just count your lucky stars that you don't live together or god forbid have a kid together. The only good thing about this relationship is that it will be easy to end...just stop going over to his place.

Apr 27, 2010
OK Babydoll...
by: Cher

I just started to read your complaint and had to stop and comment...I don't think I need to read the rest to figure out where this is heading. I am going to ask you now...take a deep breath and pretend I wrote that and am asking what to do.

All those words and actions are those of an abuser. If I were you, I would put on my sneakers and break out into a sprint! You are a beautiful human being, with the world as your oyster, why would you want someone to tell you how to live it?

This is not how any human was meant to live their life. Your boyfriend has a serious problem which you need not be part of. But that's up to you...

Apr 24, 2010
by: Anonymous

He is narcissistic and abusive. Please respect yourself and find somebody better. You are in danger if you stay with this guy.

Apr 24, 2010
Not Worthy Of You
by: Penny

You SHOULD run, not walk, get out of there.

This guy doesn't give two cents about YOU. He's irresponsible, self-centered, selfish and he wants a woman to crawl behind him and not walk beside him. He needs to grow-up.

You can do so much better!

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