Boys Are Confusing

by anonymous

Afraid You'll Be Single Forever

Boys Are Confusing

There is this boy. We'll call him 'Antonio.' I've liked him since the 7th grade. I'm in the 9th grade now. I met him at altar serving. If you don't know what this is, it's a person who helps in the church during mass (for Catholics). I started serving in 7th grade because of my two best friends and my cousin.

When I met him I was just like "WOW"...but I kept it a secret for some time. But of course I told my cousin and 2 best friends I liked him. They were real shocked, but happy. The thing I didn't know was that he was cousins with my cousin from his mom's side (I'm from her dads side) and yeah of course she told him.

I really did like him and of course in our church world with the other servers, it wasn't a secret anymore. The thing is he kept saying that I was pretty and all these things. I just don't know why he never asked me out. So I finally said, "I'm giving up, this is useless." I knew deep down I wasn't; I still really liked him, but boys are confusing.

I knew my cousin could see that and it's funny because my cousin's mom's side of the family knew about my feelings towards him and they really do like me. They would always tell him that he's stupid because he didn't see that I was this really nice, smart, pretty girl who liked him a whole lot.

But the real story started last year. The altar servers had practice for singing for Christmas and me and Antonio were talking. He asked to borrow my earphones and kept smiling at me during the first practice. My cousin told me she really needed to tell me something, so when I left, she was there with the other servers plus him.

I texted her right away. She told me that he finally likes me and I was like, "Stop lying." Then she said that it was true and all these things and that he was saying I was pretty, nice, smart and real cute then he wanted to ask me out on Christmas Eve.

I was excited and happy. When Christmas Eve came, he said "I gotta talk to you." We went somewehre to talk. It was amazing because when I'm with him I'm calm, you know, I'm myself, like no awkward moments.

He said he didn't want to ask me out because he didn't want to HURT me (that's what confused me) but he kept saying he really likes me and yeah, we held hands he makes me feel REALLY GOOD. It's the feelings you can't explain.

Days passed. My cousin texted him, "Hey you better stop making me mad or I'll tell your girlfriend." He texted back, "What? I don't have a girlfriend." She said "I'm kidding, but how are you and Daph?" He was like, "I don't like her anymore."

That made me freeze. It really hurt, like nails pounding through my heart. When I heard this, I was just like "Damn, oh okay."

I know I still like him. I'm still with him at church and it hurts. REALLY bad. Now I wonder, How does he really feel?

Boys are confusing. Thank you for reading my story. Please comment and tell me what you think. If you think I'm stupid and should move on or something else.

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Dec 21, 2010
the girl's feeling
by: mssimplicity

i feel sorry for you! yeah they right, u need to move on! there are many girls still waiting for the one they truly love, if i were you, forget about that boy, he's not youre mr. right.God will grant that to you, if u deserve to be happy and having a partner in life, just pray for the one..GODBLESS!

Jul 03, 2010
by: siddharth

I felt sorry for you after reading your story. I think your right, if you loved him truly he will come back to you one day. Boys always miss girls after they have lost them. Be happy.

Mar 15, 2010
You Should Move On
by: Anonymous

I think you should move on because if he does not see you like him, you should not be there waiting for him. He was very stupid not to like you because when I read your story, it made me feel bad. So I think you should move on. He is not worth your waiting.

When you see him, just think of him as a friend. Because that is all he ever wants to be by what you put. So just move on. He does not know what he is missing.

Mar 08, 2010
Move on
by: Anonymous

I think that you got played. I mean I guess he could actually like you and just be scared to show it, but my brothers do the same thing when they want to play a girl. I would move on if I were you. That way you don't get hurt more and you're not stupid. He is for treating you that way.

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