Breaking Up Sad Love Quotes -
Breaking Up and Moving On

Breaking Up Sad Love Quotes are about the pain and resignation of breaking off a love relationship. When there is more conflict in a relationship than there is love and care, it may be time to call it quits.

Breaking up is never easy, even if you're the one who has decided that it's over. There will be sadness and physical and emotional withdrawal symptoms—missing the physical closeness, the pillow talks and all the things you used to do together. Know that it will take time and that the history of your relationship will eventually dissolve into the past.

~ Laura Ramirez

We must in tears
Unwind a love knit up in many years.
In this last kiss I here surrender thee
Back to thyself, so thou again art free;
Thou in another, sad as that, resend
The truest heart that love e'er did lend.

~Henry King~

In real love you want the other person's good. 
In romantic love
you want the other person.

~Margaret Anderson~

Love that is satisfied no longer charms.

~Thomas Corneille~

Not ready to let go? Bring back your lost love 

Follow love and it will flee;
Flee love and it will follow thee.
~T. Howell~

Even honey may cloy, and the gladsome
flowers of Aphrodite's garden.

I'm a young woman and I ain't done running around yet.

~Bessie Smith~

Full pigeons find cherries bitter.
~John Woodroephe

Breaking Up Sad Love Quotes

After all, my erstwhile dear,
My no longer cherished,
Need we say it was not love,
Just because it perished?
~Edna St. Vincent Millay~

Soon hot, soon cold.
~English Proverb~

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