Broke My Heart

by Nicole

Broke My Heart

About four months ago there was a Winter Formal at my school. Of course, the guy I liked was there. We hadn't talked in a couple of months so I figured I had no chance with him. Then, as I was standing there with my friends, his best girl-friend came up to me: "Do you wanna dance with Will?"

I was taken by surprise. I responded "Wait, what?". She casually explained how she remembered me and Will (the boy I liked) had a thing. Soon enough, a slow song came on but he never asked me to dance. I was sad but at the same time I expected it.

I texted him "Meany(:" & he walked over to me smiling "How am I a meany?!" Laughing, I said "YOU never asked me to dance!" He smirked and replied "Next one?" I nodded. About three songs later a slow song came on again. He came up to me, asking to dance. So, I put my hand on his shoulders and his hands on my waist. We swayed back and forth making casual small talk like you would with an uncle you just met. Sadly the song ended and we hugged each other and went back to our different group of friends.

The dance was nearing the end when another slow song came on. Will slowly made his way by me and surprisingly, he asked me to dance again. I blushed and said "yes." This time, I pulled myself closer to his chest and we held each other moving back and forth. After the dance had ended, he invited me to go hangout with him at a friend's house. Sadly, I couldn't since I had to go with a friend of mine. He promised he'd text me and we hugged and went our own ways.

I got into my friend's car and my phone vibrated. "New Message from Will" it read "Hello =)" I smiled and wrote back "You kept your promise." We texted that whole night until he fell asleep.

Waking up the next morning it had all felt like a dream. We hung out that afternoon and he asked me to be his girlfriend. Obviously I said yes. We went out on and off for about 4 months and then, like most guys, he broke my heart.

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Jul 02, 2010
by: Kayla bee

That is a very touching story, and is similar to what happened to me.

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