Broken Heart Love Quotes -
Words to Heal a Wounded Heart

Broken Heart Love Quotes ...

Do you have a wounded heart? If so, these quotations will help you to heal it, a little bit at a time. Read the words written by those who have been in your shoes and walked your path. Although it may seem like you're all alone, you're not. Let the words on this page penetrate your heart, touch your soul and once your heart is mended, give you the courage to love again.

~Laura Ramirez

Every tear you made me cry is a little piece of my heart you took away.

~ Unknown

When you are in love and you get hurt,
it's like a cut ... it will heal, but there may
be a scar.
~ Unknown

While healing from your breakup, work on
yourself. This guide tells you how to
use your mind to create the life you want 

Broken Heart Love Quotes

No person is worth your tears, 
and the one who is won't make you cry.
~ Unknown

Loving you is like breathing.
How can I stop?
~ Unknown

Still want your lover back? Here is
a way to bring back your lost love 
If you really love him or her
it's worth one last try.

A million words won't bring you back,
I know because I've tried,
A million tears won't change your mind,
I know because I've cried.
~ Unknown

There's this place in me where
your fingerprints still rest ...
your kisses still linger and your
whispers softly echo ...

To be in love is merely to be
in a state of perpetual anesthesia:
To mistake an ordinary young man
for a Greek God.
~ H L Mencken

A fool in love makes no sense to me.
I only think you are a fool,
If you do not love.
~ Unknown

The shortest word I know is "I".
the sweetest word I know is "love",
and the one I'll never forget is "you".
~ Unknown

Love cannot thrive
without trust.
~ Laura Ramirez

Broken Heart Love Quotes - Crush and Love Quotes 

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