Broken Heart

by June <3
(Laytonville, CA)

Burdened with a broken heart,

i wondered in the darkness,
searching for a way out of this lonely hell,
i stumbled upon you.

in the beginning,
i thought you were simply another broken soul.
i was terribly mistaken,
for you were my way out,
you picked me up and fixed my broken heart.

you gave me your heart,
but you already had mine.

we grew closer as time grew longer,
only to be kept apart.
Distance was our loves greatest obstacle,
i pray that you wont give up on me,
Despite all my flaws.

Our meeting day cant come soon enough,
i long to see your face,
to spend the rest of my days with you.

my mind wonders away day after day,
to a place in my mind where i am yours and you are mine.

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