Broken Heart

My boyfriend broke up with me about two months ago. Previously, we had never left each others side except for work and when I needed to come home.

I have been fine for a while and all of a sudden, it has hit me really hard. He made up an excuse at first saying he was going to be busy from work and wouldn't have time for me. But I found out from his friends that he got in my mail on my Myspace (which was the one time I had logged on in about a month) and saw that I was chatting with an old guy friend of mine who I had not seen in a while.

I tried telling him what was going on but he just ignored me. I know we are meant to be together and I know you hear this or read this all the time, but I am most positive he is the one.

I have never ever felt like this before. What do I need to do? PLEASE HELP!

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Feb 12, 2010
God Loves You
by: Rev Big John

Allow the Lord to mend your heart. This guy you think he loves you has no idea what love is. Any relationship that lasts has to be able to weather a few storms. Forgiveness is the key.

If he can't forgive you for talking to an old friend, he is too self-centered and will make your life together a living hell. Ask the Lord to send you someone who has a open heart and loves you and is willing to work through any problem you might encounter.

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Feb 10, 2010
Write Him
by: samantha

You should write him a 3-page letter. Tell him how you feel. He cannot ignore your letter.

Feb 09, 2010
Good Luck
by: Anonymous

Try and see it from his side. It will help you see where to approach him from first of all. Just be patient with him. If he loves you or cares for you at all, he'll give you a chance to say something. Think through what you are going to say. Think about how he will hear and take it. Good luck.

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