Can He Really Unlike Me That Fast?

My story? Well, I liked this guy. His jokes made my day, we'd hang out, and just talk. People would say we make a cute couple but I never believed them until I actually noticed. I liked him. We'd flirt all the time. He would throw away my food, make fun of my little mistakes and it was great. He seemed to be jealous sometimes which was adorable. But ended that quick. You know why? Cause my so called best friend started liking him even thought she KNEW I liked him. I didn't mind at first thinking she couldn't help liking a guy. Until she started taking the opportunities to talk to him, to flirt with him. I wanted to talk to her cause I was so mad. After that, they hang out just like him and me used to. What a failure. So now, I gotta give him up? I don't know. I just know that I still like him.

Later, I just got PISSED. I thought he'd care or something about me but no. He let me as I got hurt on my knee while he went off to go follow my friend like a puppy. I got hurt super bad THEN he felt bad and said I'm sorry can you forgive me please? I'm like aww, ok sure. Now it's the weekend and I'm not gonna see him til Monday. So we were all cutesy now but I'm scared that on Monday, my friend is gonna take all the credit again.

Moral of story: If the guy doesn't care enough to express his feeling to you but will for another girl, he either is a player or just never really liked you.

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