Can love just stop?

by Tabs

My boyfriend of almost 18 months and I recently broke up, or just took a break, I'm still not sure which. I was crushed when he told me that he didn't love me anymore ... can you really just stop loving someone?

I wasn't the best girlfriend, but he wasn't the best boyfriend either. We both had our problems. I focused on his more than mine though and that's what drove him away, I can understand that. But my eyes were opened and I completely understand now that I was selfish and inconsiderate.

I love him so much and I explained to him that I was sorry and I realize what I've done and I'm willing to change for him. But he said he doesn't know and he needs space.

I would just die if he didn't call me soon to say that he's willing to give it a second chance. I'm just so attached to him, he was my first in a lot of things and my first real boyfriend and my best friend all in one.

I just can't go to sleep at night without hearing his's just hard and I need some reassurance that he will eventually come back. I just know deep down he still has feelings, he can't just ignore all we've been through.

Getting back your ex

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