Can this Relationship Be Fixed?

by Lost

My girl and I have had kinda a hard 3 years together. She was really bad into drinking and a lot of very hurtful things were done and said that she doesn't even remember due to the drinking and I would say that was like the first year and a half of us being together.

She has gotten away from that life and has been trying hard to make a new and better life with me. We had split up a few times always getting back together in the end but now 3 times we have split up and I have found myself straying when we are not together. But I always come to the same conclusion: I don't want anyone else.

The last time, I was out looking to find out if I was "going down the right path" and I came running back and I know now, finally, I am where I really and truly want to be. I really really do. But she is so hurt about what I have done. (She doesn't feel she can trust me.)

She says she is in love with me but doesn't know if we are right for each other because of what I have done. She asks things like, "How can I not be afraid that you're going to do the same thing?!"

I don't know if this relationship can be fixed, if all I do and try in the end will be pointless.

We want to have kids together and we talk about it in between the days she doesn't know if she wants to be with me. She goes back and forth over and over. I guess I also feel that because we weren't together, I didn't really do anything bad. But I never meant for her to find out either ... I just want to have a good relationship ... do you think it is possible?

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Feb 01, 2008
Is A Good Relationship Still Possible
by: Laura Love

A good relationship is always possible if two people are willing to do the work it takes to repair the damage they've done to each other and rebuild the trust necessary to create a new foundation. Problem is, it takes a lot of work and most people want what's easy, rather than what's right and would rather go out and find someone new and start over with a clean slate. If the two of you have what it takes to heal your relationship, then you will also have the confidence that comes from the experience of walking through the tough, dark times together. A good relationship coach can help, especially since you seem to have difficulty figuring this out on your own (and believe me, this is normal), but you have to commit to the process.

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