Can you see the pain in my eyes even through a smile?

by Autumn Coffman
(Wilson, Ok U.S.)

A smile comes across my face as a joke is told,

A friend glances but doesn't believe,
My fake smile I have learned so well to hold,
She knows it's not real but doesn't know exactly what to say,
It's been like this for months,
She'll smile and say "Oh..I'm okay.",
But that's a lie even her friend doesn't believe,
What to say,
What to do,
She doesn't know,
Her friend is going through the worst time,
Her mom hates her,
Her dad barely notices she's there,
And her sisters are too confused to even think about her,
The rest of her family won't understand,
The burns and cuts on her legs and arms,
The holy rollers would only judge,
She's the outcast,
The loner,
Finally the friend asks for the billionth time, "Are you okay?",
"I'm fine", she says once again,
"Lies, I can see it in your eyes" the friend says not holding back anymore,
A tear rolls down the young girl's cheek,
Finally someone wants to help her..

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