Cohesive Cohen

by Alicia
(New York, New York USA)

The best day of my life was when I met Cohen. I met him when I was 14 years old at a football game. He was tall, handsome and 18. His dark brown hair only complimented his dark brown skin. His eyes were darker then the night sky but light enough that I still feel so close to him. I instantly felt the connection. My heart skipped a beat, my breathing stopped. The whole football stadium seemed to get quiet. My world was silent as I stared at this Greek god. I was just a wee freshman and he a beautiful senior, but I was so hooked. I was very outgoing for being a newcomer to this school and i felt i had every right to go over there and talk to him. I stood up, and without informing my friends where I was going, I walked over to him. He looked at me, smiled and then sadly said, "Are you lost?"

"No... I was just wondering who number 6 was out there, is he the quarterback?"

"Ya that's Dylan. He's the quarterback. And you are?"

"Alicia." I said with a smile, trying to act as normal as possible as my feet and hands shook. "Alicia White."
"Cohen. Are you a junior?"

"Sophomore..." I lied. He would find the truth out later, i just needed to keep him interested.
"Oh you look older than that." He said, looking bored again, staring at the game. "Well, I'll talk to you later." and he walked away.
What could I have done to get him to stay. I wanted to hear his sweet voice just one more time, what could I say to get him to come back? My heart broke that day but his sweet, sweet eyes made it all worthwhile. My heart has never felt as it did that night. Twenty years have passed and I still wonder about Cohen. I just wonder if he would have stayed a little bit longer, would we be together today? I hold on to these thoughts and they comfort me in the night, sitting alone in my room in my parents' house. Every morning, I get up and go to work at Safeway, and I wonder when he will walk in and want to be with me.

Best day of my life.

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