College Love Quotes for
College Sweethearts

College Love Quotes 

College is the time for discovering yourself, for coming of age moments, and, more often than not, for falling in love. These thoughtfully selected love quotes for college sweethearts reflect the hope, frustration, and joy of being with someone as you pursue higher learning. They come from different sources: films, songs, poems, and speeches, but they all hopefully resonate with anyone who is, or who have been, in love during their college years. 

What I really want to do with my life - what I want to do for a living - is I want to be with your daughter. I'm good at it. 

-Lloyd Dobler (played by John Cusack) from the movie Say Anything (1989) 

Talk not of wasted affection; affection never was wasted. 

-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 

College Love Quotes 

There are many things in the world and you
Are one of them. Many things keep happening
You are one of them, and the happening that
Is you keeps falling like snow 
On the landscapes of not-you, hiding hideousness,
The streets and the world of wrath are choked
with snow.

-Excerpt from Love Recognized by Robert Penn Warren 

Make him fall and stay in love with you

College Friend Quotes

You'll have made lifelong friends. Not only that and I say this every year to every group of the new St Andrews graduates: you may have met your husband or wife. Our title as the top matchmaking university in Britain is at stake. 

-Brian Lang, St Andrews' ex-principal speaking at the graduation of Prince William and Kate Middleton 

College Love Quotes 

Give her a locket with your photo engraved in gold.

There isn't any formula or method. You learn to love by loving. 

-Aldous Huxley 

Let's stay together
Lovin' you whether, whether
Times are good or bad, happy or sad

-Excerpt from the song Let's Stay Together by Al Green 

Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth—
for your love is more delightful than wine. 

-Song of Solomon 1:2 

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