Completely Broken By Him

Why A Man Gets
Completely Broken By Him

I have liked this one special guy all school year and I fell completely and deeply in love with him. Then finally we became boyfriend and girlfriend. But on a Thursday night he broke up with me over Myspace but I hadn't read the message yet and he knew that.

So he figured to just spend that last day with me while he could. We kissed and hugged and he even made me smile by just looking at him. Then I went over to my best friend's house and got on Myspace. When I saw the message, I started crying so hard I wanted to kill myself. But then on Sunday when I got home and got back on Myspace, he was online.

We started talking about our break-up and I was balling my eyes out because that Sunday was suppose to be our 1 month anniversary. When we were done talking and I had stopped crying, he had to go eat and I did something else. I went on a walk, left my subdivison where I was supposed to stay and wouldn't turn around.

I had no idea where I was going, it started to get dark I was still out. Then I saw these 4 people in hoodies: 3 guys, 1 girl. They scared me when I was walking towards them because they were staring at me and pointing. I quickly turned around and I ffelt like they were following, so i started to run, but I tripped and hurt my hand when I landed.

I got back up and just started walking. The 4 people disappeared. It was about 2 hours later when I reached home, when I got inside, I punched the wall so hard with the same hand that I had fallen on. I almost broke that hand.

I got back on Myspace and he was online again. I told him what I did and he said for me not to hurt myself because he stills cares about me. Then finally he told me why he broke up with me: it was because he thought he would do something stupid and hurt me. But breaking up with me hurt me worse than ever and that was a stupid thing he did.

Now he has been calling me and tells me he loves me very much, and that he gets mad when I do stuff with other guys. I told him that I'm not strong enough to be his friend and he got angry. We keep talking because I'm still in love with him and he loves me, but he doesn't believe I still love him. So, he wants me to kiss him again to prove it even if my heart is still completely broken by him.

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