Confused about Love

by Nikki

I'm dating this boy and he says that he loves me. So, I guess I'm just supposed to say it back. The problem is that I am in love with someone else. I don't know what to do because that someone is dating someone else. He still tells me he loves me and everything but, I don't know, it's just so confusing. I'm not even allowed to be with the person I love. What should I do? Just stay with the boy who's in love with me?

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Jun 04, 2011
...well, love....
by: Ramjet <3

you have to take this as a door sort of thing. one door will open, and I know you dont want to leave the ballroom you're in, to another room that's nothing. like a box size. but you're going to make this room grow. I'm sorta feeling this way too... and Im going to dump him and tell him how I feel, but I know you might not want to hurt his feelings, but your going to have to.

hes just keeping you back from doing something extraordinary!, you have to let him off the leash and roam freely. but the next dog you're going to get...well, he's going to have to come to you. you should somehow give him a set of lyrics from Taylor swift.. then you might have to somehow get him to follow your path to you... hes going to have to come to you... not be led astray! hang in there! you can do this!! :) <3

May 07, 2009
End It
by: Sarah

End it with him NOW. You're just leading him on, and every minute, he grows a stronger need for you. I had that once, and the guy I was in love with, told me he awnted to end it since it started, and he only used me for jealousy.

Nov 24, 2008
by: Chelsea.

Okay, first of all. Break up with your boyfriend right now. You obviously are just with him because he loves you. Go out, and have fun. If the one you love, doesn't love you- It isn't worth it. He isn't worth it anyways.

Jul 17, 2008
Love advice ...
by: Adrianna

Try to move on from the person that you love who has apparently found another girl. You need to find someone else to try to love who is single.

Second, no, I don't think you should stay with the guy you are with just because he loves you. You are obviously leading him on and that will hurt him in the long run.

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