Confused between two guys

by Denise Resto
(East Hartford CT US)

I'm confused between two guys and don't know who to choose. I have two boys that want to be with me. First, there's my boyfriend, Chris. We went out for 2 years in the past, then we broke up for a year because I moved and he cheated.

We lost all contact and I thought I had moved on. but then when we got back in contact, I realized I still loved him to death. He will always have my heart, so we got back together, but the only problem is were kinda doing a long distance relationship because we live 30 minutes away from each other.

I love him with all my heart. He was my first love and my first everything. I know I will never get over him. I mean we're even engaged right now, but my fear is that the distance may be too much for him.

I won't be moving back to New Haven with him till February. I'm scared he might want to break off the engagement and just be friends which is why I turned to the other boy.

The second guy is my ex, Byron. I was going out with him with him when me and Chris broke up. We went out for almost a year and even though my feelings for him are not as strong as they are for Chris, I still have feelings for him.

I see him every day and I can spend time with him whenever I want, but whenever I'm with Byron, all I think about is Chris.

Lately, I've been trying to step back from Chris a little because I feel like that way if he does leave, then maybe it won't hurt as much.

I don't know what to do. I know I want to be with Chris forever but I don't think that's gonna happen and I know that me and Byron can make something out of our relationship if I gave him another chance, but how can I do that when all I think about is Chris?

I'm so confused. Can you help me figure out what to do because I really don't want hurt either of them but I don't want to end up hurt in the end either.

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Apr 30, 2015
nice NEW
by: Anonymous

To be frank I have also been in this spot and trust me it is not where actually I wanted to be or happen at all. However, I was so stuck with two of my close friends who actually both proposed me on prom night. I had to decline both of them to not to break their heart.

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Jun 05, 2010
by: Penny

What I noticed reading what you wrote is You feel insecure with Chris even though you're engaged to him because he didn't remain faithful to you when you moved away. You said, "we went out for 2 years in the past, then we broke up for a year because I moved and he cheated." The two of you broke up for a year and there was no contact at all between you after you moved.

You didn't mention if both of you had an understanding that although you had broken up and moved with no contact that you still were considered to be a couple/going together.

Now YOU fear Chris won't be able to take the distance and he will break off the engagement with you. When it's YOU that has turned to your ex Byron because of this insecurity of YOURS.

You didn't say why you don't think being with Chris will it because of the distance?

Yes you are confused. It seems YOU are your worst enemy and if you don't stop this negative thinking concerning Chris you will loose.

Back away from BYRON because you are using him as a safety net for what YOUR insecurities will make happen between you and CHRIS.

Check YOURSELF not Chris for the problem!

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