confused love

by sahar

Ive had a massive crush on this boy since he moved to my school. He was really nice and the moment i saw him i thought he would be the one. So i spoke to him but obviously he was new and he didn't know me. But then this other boy got to know and he went and spread it to the entire year group. I was crushed. so everyone knew about the way felt about him but his friends didn't approve and he cared a lot about what his friends thought about him. But then there was this massive rumor that he liked me but when i asked him, he denied it and said that one of his friends told him to say that he liked me so i wouldn't get hurt. i was really hurt. This all went on for about a year. the next year i got one of his mates to ask him what he thought of me and he said that he thought i was okay but he wanted to get to know me more. so my best friend went and spoke to him about getting to know me but he changed his mind about getting to know me. I love him more than everything and i was waiting for him to change his mind.

Now there's this other boy that said he likes me and is planning on asking me out. my mind is all over the place, i don't know what to do... HELP!!!

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