Confused messages

by Lily and Kaleb forever

I started off hating this guy, but I had no reason to at all. The years passed and we became best friends. But to me it was more than that. I was desperately in love with him, but didn't know how to tell him. I could tell he really liked me back, and other people told me as well. But he would always date other girls, and I would feel crushed. But I could still sort of tell he liked me! It drove me up the wall. There was one point where we did date, before I was insanely in love with him, but it didn't work out. He is not a dedicated boyfriend. He will go and tell everyone that he really liked her, including me, but it would infuriate me because he completely ignored the girl! I just need some advice. It sounds really complicated, and it is. I hope you can understand and give me a hand. I would be eternally grateful.

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