Confused & Scared

by mr lonely

Confused & Scared

Hi, I'm a guy of 23 doing my executive MBA along with my outsourcing business. I'm a possessive but caring person, as said by my friends.

I have a very good childhood friend who was in love with a girl whom I have hardly seen. A year back, they broke up because of family differences because my friend belongs to a rich family and his girlfriend is of middle class. Since my friend is the only son to his parents, they made him end the relation.

When they broke up, I felt really very sad for my friend as he was deeply in love with the girl, but was helpless. In the meantime, I met that girl and we both indirectly tried to convince my friend, but that was of no use.

Later his girlfriend and I became very good friends and I fought with my friend over the issue of another girl as he was giving more importance to her and not to his girlfriend, so this made me irate. Due to this, it's been over a year that I have talked with my friend.

As time went on, my friend's old girlfriend talked regularly and gradually fell in love, but the thing is that she calls me her best friend and sees me as a kind of brother as well.

So right now I'm very much confused about what to do and what not to do? At present, if she didn't come into my life, I would definitely drop it. It's because of her that I have started my own outsourcing business along with my studies.

I'm thinking that if I can prove myself then I will propose her for marriage, but the thing is I'm scared and wonder if it's right?

Will she understand me and accept my love? I'm very much confused, so please help me with your advices...

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Mar 23, 2010
Heart to Heart
by: Penny

Heart to Heart

I agree with you that your old male friend was crazy to allow money and his parents to come between the relationship he had with her, but that's yesterday/year and not due to her or you.

I also agree that he was wrong for giving another girl the attention he should have been giving to his girlfriend and both serials tell me your old friend didn't REALLY love this young lady as you seem to believe he did or he said he did. It seems for your old friend it was all about the appoval of his parents for the sake of their money and worldly status.

I don't understand why you are confused and scared if you care for this young lady and want her to be more than a friend. Just sit her down and have a heart to heart talk with her.

Just express yourself and don't let fear block you the way money blocked your old friend...ok!

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