by Chelsea

We Were So In Love, And At The Time I Was Dumb.

We Talked So Much Everyday, You Got Excited Even When All I Said Was Hey.
I'm The One Who Broke Your Heart.
And It Was Really Bad. The Girl I Hate Started Talking To You.
I Got So Mad. Now You Want Me Back After All I Put You Through.
I Felt The Same Way, When You Asked Me Out Again, I Never Answered You.
Only Because I Got The Feeling I Only Wanted You Back Because You Talked To Her.
I Still Love You, And i Always Will. I'm Still Confused And my Heart Can't Heal.
I Wish I Never Met You, Only Because If I Never Met You, You Wouldn't Have To Deal With The Pain. And Neither Would I. But It's Too Late Now. It's Only A Choice between Going Out With You Just So She Can't, Or Because I'm Scared To Lose You Forever.

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