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Hi, I'm Laura Ramirez, webmistress of,A.K.A. Laura Love.

In the words of a gracious hostess, "Mi casa es su casa" or: my site is your site. And now you can truly make my site your own.

You can publish quotations or poems you've written yourself to my pages. Not only can you publish your work or submit your favorite poems or quotes written by others (as long as you cite the author), you can also upload a photo of yourself and a story about what inspired you to write the piece or how you practice the wisdom from your favorite quotation in your life. Then you can invite your friends and family to view the page you've built and encourage them to comment on and rate your writing or submission. They can also add their own!

Together, we can create a site that will inspire the world. It's an excellent way to pay it forward!

Speaking of this, once you see how easy it is to add a page to my site, you may consider building a site of your own. To learn more about the tool I use to build my web site by simply typing text into boxes, click on learn more.

But I digress. Currently, you can add your own content on the following pages:

Stay tuned as I add more.

If your submission falls into a category not covered by these pages, then use the Contact Us form below.

To send us your favorite quotes or poems not covered by the categories above (or to contact me for any other reason), fill in the form below. In order for your quotations to be published, you must cite the author of the quote. If a person in your life has come up with an inspirational quote, send it to us, making sure to cite their name. Please make sure to get the person's permission first. If they are like most people, they will be delighted to have their quote posted.

Remember, this is not just a site for famous sayings. If your mother used to say something that lifted you out of the blues, then send it in. If your father had a saying that he used to motivate you in sports or school, share it with others. In this way, we honor those who have helped us aspire to be our best and pass their wisdom on. When your quote has been posted, be sure to direct them to the page. They'll be delighted to see their words up among the famous quotes of poets, leaders and celebrities.

We reserve the right to reject any quotes for any reason. Please understand that due to the volume of mail we receive, we cannot respond individually to quote submissions or let you know if they've been posted.

If your quote is posted, it may also be published in our quarterly newsletter, so make sure that you sign up. The sign up form is at the top left of this page.

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