Continuing Loving Him?

I am from the Philippines. I am 19 yrs old going on 20 this coming April. I met my boyfriend in school. He is my former teacher. He is also the Dean of Academics at the school where I am studying and that is how we met.

He is a very kind person and a down to earth teacher. That's why he's easy to love. He is already 40 yrs old. I don't mind our age gap. The important thing to me is how much I love him. That's why even though he has a family, wife and kids, I'm still here loving and holding him because I love him so much.

He and his wife are not that good in their relationship. They're just together because of their kids, that's all.

We're about to celebrate our 2nd year anniversary this coming 24th of March. We're happy when we are are together. He also told me that he loves me. He used to cry every time I used to end it up our relationship.

He always said, "No!" because he told me that he loves me so much. That's why for now, I'm so much in love with him. I love him so much.

This past weeks, I feel so cold regarding our relationship. He often texts me. Even a single hi or ask me if im ok. But I didn't receive even one.

Do I have to continue our relationship? I honestly love him so much. He is my life. I don't want to lose him. What do you think I should do? Please give me some advise.


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Mar 19, 2009
continue loving him?
by: its me.

But i really love him.
As for now, I can't live without him
he is my life.
I dont want him to go. I love him so much.
Call me martyr but I'm really much in love with him, but I don't know what to do.

We are in a long distance relationship and I'm aware of having relationship with him is really difficult because 1) he already have his family. 2) he might look for another woman like what he did with me. .3) maybe he just playing around with me.

These questions are all in my mind,
but what will I do? I really love him so much....
very much in love with him.

Mar 19, 2009
how do you spell molester
by: Anonymous

you gotta be kiddin me--you're a baby and he likes little girls, pervert and the baby.

Mar 19, 2009
by: Pavingmomma


If he was proud of you, you would not be the #2 woman in his life. If he wanted you for more than "Fun", he would have you in his real life: proud to have you around his friends and family.

You have an older man playing with you. You are cheaper than a mistress because he has to pay much more to keep a mistress. A "girl on the side" is cheaper to have, because all it costs him is a little time, a few calls, maybe some meals and some pretty clothes to get the sex and the attention he wants.

If you have not heard from him , either his wife has caught on and has clamped down on his "spending", or (as I suspect you yourself believe) he is off looking for a new girl.

Have some belief in your worth. Don't accept such bad behavior from a man. There are GOOD men out there. Look for someone who shares your whole life, not just your nightlife.

Mar 19, 2009
Move on
by: Anonymous

SO wait a minute. He lives with his wife. And you're ok with that? I would think that if he doesn't want his relationship with his wife to work out he would have left to be with you.

I understand they are thinking about the kids, but lets be honest, do you really think that when you're not around, he and his wife don't live their own lives or act affectionate with each other?

I think that you're still VERY young and moving on would be the best for you. If someone REALLY Loves you they will stop at nothing to be with you.

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