Counting on Forever

by By Chelsea C

I was "head over heels" for this boy, and I could have sworn I was in love. I tried and tried to impress him, but it didn't work. He liked the kind of girls who were very athletic, and sporty. If you know me, I am the OPPOSITE. He asked me to go play baseball with his friends, and of course, I told him I could play.

Duh, I am trying to impress him. I went out and bought AN ENTIRE BASEBALL OUTIFT, BAT, HAT THING, AND GLOVE! I got there, and everyone had shorts and a t-shirt on. I felt like an idiot. I messed up, but that was the FIRST time.

A couple days later was our football game, but he couldn't play because he had fractured his arm, or whatever. I had just gotten there, and texted him, so I was going to meet him in the student section, and as I was walking up the bleachers, I fell down the bleacher stairs!

I was so embarrassed, I acted like someone tripped me. IT DIDN'T WORK. But he was definitely impressed, and told me I'm a work in progress that he is willing to fix.

We have been dating 3 years and 6 months. And I'm counting on forever.

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