Crashing Down Rollercoaster

by Jenna

There is this one boy in my class who I haven't really talked to before the Hoops for Hope game. It's a basketball game to raise money for cancer. We both went and we sat right next to each other. His name is Andrew, but we all call him Andy. That night, we just talked and talked and never stopped and I could tell that this love was going to last forever. We got on the subject of relationships and he then told me he had broken up with his girlfriend, Victoria. He gave me his number and we were texting all night long. I tried to get him to tell me who he liked because I liked him and I wanted to know. He said you go first and I said fine so i typed in "uoy" for you backwards. He replied by saying really? I like uoy too. He later on asked me who I wanted to go out with and a gain i said uoy. He then said well lets make that come true... do you wanna be my girlfriend? Of course, I said yes. But that's not the ending of this fairytale. We had the best relationship anyone could ask for. He called me his beautiful angel and he never dared to call me hot instead of pretty or beautiful once. Our song was 'Just The Way You Are' by Bruno Mars. He was the one to chose the song. He called me perfect in every way and he made me melt inside. But one day, I started to like one of my best friends. I couldn't like my best friend while going out with the love of my life. And also people were calling me a slut. I just had to break up with him... but it was the biggest mistake ever. We stopped talking as much but still a lot and he eventually asked me out again and I said yes again. Everything was going perfect, again, until the same excact thing happened! I started to like my bestfriend again and people called me a slut. But I was still in love with him. So finally, he asked me out yet again and I said yes for the third time. I was sure I wasn't going to screw this up again and let the best thing I had go again. But at Relay for Life, he was flirting with my ex-best friend. I hate her so much and he knew how much I hated her. The next day, he breaks up with me. About 5 seconds later he starts dating that girl and they keep it a secret so I wouldn't find out. Too bad my best friends are friends with my ex-best friend and they told me everything so I was mad at him. I told myself i hated him but I still loved him. I wasted my tears that night and it was so painful. He ended up breaking up with her though because he realized she was a bitch. One chorus rehearsal we watched a movie and he sat right behind me and the whole time he was poking me and flirting with me and it was so cute i loved him even more then i did before and i wasn't mad at him anymore! So me and my one best friend (he also loves her and she likes him but she has a boyfriend) went to a carnival together with Andy. We had the best time ever but my best friend kept saying how she didn't want me going on any of the rides with him alone because we were both single and stuff could happen with single people and stuff but we did any way. Later that night he called me and I confessed I liked him but I said well I don't anymore. But a few nights later I wanted to come clean so I told him I was still in love with him and he said he loved me too but he loved me best friend more. Now since were talking more and more and we have more memories inside jokes and all that hes starting to like me more but we said we wanna be just friends. Or at least that's what he thinks i wanna be...

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