by Tameron

Hey I'm Tameron and I'm fifteen and I think I'm falling for my best friend. The bad thing about it is in the process of that, he is falling for another girl. I stay up at night wondering what he's doing, I help him with his problems, he texts me when he is sad...but I want him to see what I have in my heart for him. He cares so much about her and nothing at all about me. All I hear everyday is how great and wonderful she is and I sometimes wonder what it would be like to be in her shoes for one day with him...him looking at me like I matter...him making me laugh...him slowly kissing me with love and admiration.

I know what you all are saying...that it's just a crush. But I think it's actually turning into more than that. I see him walking and for that single minute I swear he is floating and that he is the only one in the room. And I see his smile and I wish he was smiling at me and not at her. As young as I am I know when it isn't just a crush. This boy has my heart and emotions flipped upside down and all around. I mean it isn't because he's cute it's every single little thing about him from his laugh to how straight and perfect his teeth are. I want to forget about him because I know deep down he doesn't feel the same way, but all I can think about is not having him there. I don't want to lose him but it's starting to hurt listening to him and how in love he is with her.

I have to play the part though...the part of a good best friend. And I couldn't possibly be perfect in his eyes like she is! That's my story it's still going on but I'm sure I'll see the light one day!

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