crush crushed

by Sheenal

when i was in high school i had this huge crush on a guy in our class. i think it was my first crush, because it was a huge one. i did all the usual things that any teenager would do while crushing on someone. i stared, i stalked him around the school yard, i doodled his name over my note books, i imagined 'things' with him, i even imagined life with him.

i remember once finding out that he liked a friend of mine and i stopped talking to her for a few weeks, i was sooo jealous. once someone left a flower on my desk, i thought it was.... by the way, when all of this was happening i never, not once had the guts to go up to him and talk to him. i never spoke a word to him. and even when i tried, they were just mumbles.

so since 'he' put a flower on my desk, i felt that i had to do something for him as well. it was his birthday, so i wrote this huge love letter to him. i didn't write my name on it but i sprayed it with my perfume so that he 'might' recognize me.

the next day, at lunch when no one was in the classroom i put the letter and a flower in his desk. over the next few days i found out that he had started going out with my friend!

i bumped into him recently, i was surprised to find out that he still remembered who i was. but i never mentioned the letter and i don't think anyone else knows.

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