by Rosemary
(barrington, ill, u.s)

I moved to a new school sophomore year. Everyone already had their own cliques and was not very friendly, Or maybe that was just me being judgmental.

One day, this boy entered one of my computer classes. He must have been transferred to a different class because he wasn't there the whole time. Days went by and we started getting comfortable. This boy makes me giggle, laugh, even cry happy tears!

He was the first person to approach me in an inviting way. We talked in class, and the teacher hated it. But he really does know how to make me laugh.

Anyway, I found out he lived in Florida until maybe sophomore year. He's a senior. We got along so well. He asked me to go with him to turn-about...weird I know, but I certainly did not have the guts to ask him! Of course, I procrastinated and waited until the last minute.

He is a very sarcastic boy, so once I knew he was serious, I agreed. And life was going good.

Later in the year the disco dance was approaching. We went as a group with a bunch of buddies. Later that night after a few beers were slammed and a bottle gone, he really showed some emotion. So did I.

I know, I know, it doesn't count when you're drunk but it meant the world to me. We kissed, he explained that he liked me and when I wasn't around, he told two of my good friends he would ask me to prom. Clearly they would tell me. As they did.

The next day, I asked if he was just really drunk, he said no and it was a great night. He asked me the same question. I said yes, I was drunk, but that is not why I acted the way I did. To me, this meant he was innocent and actually cared about my dignity.

Anyway, we agreed it was a good night and I had to suffer at school the next day because he just so happened to leave a red mark on my neck! He makes me so nervous, it's hard to look in his eyes because if I did, I would forget what I had to say.

I do not normally have crushes, EVER! He just seemed to crush me. It just so happens I got a phone call from his best friend. "Hey look this is between me and you, He's been like this with two other girls in the past two weeks. He is going to ask (so and so) to prom, and if she says no, he's going to ask (so and so) and if she says no, he's asking you. I just don't want you to get hurt, you're a cool girl."

And there you have it. The phone call from hell. Right up until that moment I thought for once in my life I had something positive going. I guess it happens to the best of us. But why would he pretend to be so sweet to me? I truly am a sweet girl with a big heart, why would he intend to hurt me like that?

When I see him in the hall I can't even look at him. I can't even breathe when I pass him. We didn't even try to talk at all. Not for a good two weeks. But I just can't seem to get over him. He did me wrong, and I still have no hatred to show for that. I hate him because I like him. I like that he's dumb and funny and sarcastic.

What do I do and how the hell can I get over him?

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