Crushing and Confused

by 7th grader
(Elizabeth, New Jersey)

ok so i am recently in the 7th grade and i am crushing on this boy. We were in the 5th grade together but in different classes. I have never noticed him before until now. I started crushing on him in after school.

My friends ended up finding out but they never said anything. But you know there is always one person who has to blurt it out.

One of my friends told this girl in my class while we were going to afterschool that I liked that boy. As we were going down the stairs to afterschool, she stood next to me and she said," Do you like A....." Of course, I denied it and said no!! And she said,"Yes, you do you like A....." But I kept on saying no.

The boy was right there next to her and heard the part when she asked if I liked Andres. He said, "What?" and she said nothing, but eventually, she ended up telling him and of course I was so embarassed. He told the girl, "Get out of my face." And she kept on telling him that I liked him. I was standing right there and kept on saying no, ewwww.

So we went to afterschool and thank God he went to the other class. So we were in afterschool and all of my friends kept on saying that I should go out with him and that we would make a cute couple. Afterschool finished and we were in the hallway and the class that A..... was in still did not come out so I was waiting in the hallways with some other people for one of my best friends Michelle so we could walk home.

The whole class came out and I kept on hiding from the boy A..... My friend came out and we were still in the hallway talking with everybody. The boy A..... always gives the people he knows a hug. Since I was really embarrassed and leaving from his side, he never ended giving me a hug.

We all went outside and we were hanging around and the boy A..... had to go back in to get his little brothers. Me, my friend Michelle and her boyfriend were just standing in front of the school bugging around. The boy A..... came out and passed right by me and left. I was pretty sad.

The next day, I was happier because we had afterschool again and we still ended up going to different class because I did not want to go to the class that he was in.

We got out of afterschool and the class that my friend Michelle and A...... were already in the hallways so then we were all just talking. We went outside and of course he had to go back in to get his little brothers. This time, he didn't take long. He came back outside and me him and all of my friends were talking. He gave everybody a hug and then he's like bye and he gave me a hug.

I hugged him back and all of my friends were like whoooowhoooowhooo. I was blushing and so was he. And again he said, "Get out of my face to my friends," but he left smiling, so I was so happy.

We were hugging for like 3 minutes. And today (12-19-08) my friend asked him if he liked me while iI was in the bathroom and he said no! One of my friends who heard this told me and I got so sad. I got home and I was crying my eyes out. I just hope this boy really likes me.=[

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Jan 27, 2011
by: cayley

i no how you feel (im in yr 8) am going through like the exact same thing and i like this gye a lot me hug 4 AGES and hold hands and everything but he says to my friends he doesnt like me...... i just wish he would

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