Cute Lil Love Quotes on Love, Dating, Romance & Marriage

Cute Lil Love Quotes offer insights into love, dating, romance and marriage and the gender differences that often leave men and women puzzled or in conflict. These quotations are short, cute, funny and/or reflective. Since love is such an important part of life, give your relationship the attention it deserves and devote ten minutes each day to reading another page on our site and reflecting how to apply the wisdom to your life.

I know the nature of women,
when you want to,
they don't want to;
and when you don't want to,
they desire exceedingly.

~ Terence

Anyone can be passionate,
but it takes real lovers to be silly.

~ Rose Franken

Many a miss would not be a missus
If liquor did not add a spark to her kisses.

~ E.L.C.

Hungry dogs will eat dirty puddings.

~ Robert Burton

We lov'd, and we lov'd, as long as we could
Till our love was lov'd out in us both;
But our marriage is dead, when the pleasure has fled:
Twas pleasure that made it an oath.

~ John Dryden

Love is not altogether a delirium, yet it
has many points in common therewith.

~ Thomas Carlyle

cute lil love quotes

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Women wants monogamy
Man delights in novelty.
Love is woman's moon and sun
Man has other forms of fun.
Woman lives but in her lord
Count to ten and man is bored.
What this the gist and sum of it,
What earthly good can come of it?

~ Dorothy Parker

Never a lip is curved with pain
That can't be kissed into a smile again.

~ Brete Harte

Candy is dandy
but liquor is quicker.

~ Ogden Nash

Even nectar is poison if taken to excess.

~ Hindu Proverb

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