Cycle of Pain

by Danielle
(Fairbanks, AK)

I have been in a relationship for over 2 years. This is my first relationship and there are many issues I have to deal with (sharing of items & money, expressing myself, dealing with fights, etc.) My question is, things are reaching the point where it does not take much to upset the other person. Arguments are nearly a daily thing. Regardless of how much we love each other, I feel we automatically associate the other person with negative thoughts. I feel a conflict of the love we had (or wish we still had) for each other. During the last argument, I used a word to describe him that I should have not used. I spoke without thinking. I know what I said hurt him, and I also know that because of all the things that have been said over the past year saying "sorry" won't suffice. I am sorry for what I said, but "sorry" does not undo what a person says.

I know actions speak louder then words, but I don't know if I can convince him though my actions that I am remorseful.

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