darkness against the wind

by lyndsay
(Lawrenceville, IL)

deep down in side my soul, i held

onto him and wouldn't let go, he made
me happy when i was sad, and when
i needed comfort, he had my back

i walked the darkness against the wind
trying to be more than a friend
but he didn't seem to understand ...
the light that won't shine on.

the darkness rose as my spirits fell
thinking about him as i started to crawl
on my knees and as I did i knew
he was gone and there's nothing i can do

so i decided to go home
and looked into the mirror
and as i did things seemed
clearer ...

so i wrote this note and laid
it on my bed and this is what
the note said:

he was there but now he's not
he went some where to drink a lot
he got in the car to prove his point
life don't need him or his joint...

i never thought he'd leave me this way
miserable today as i was yesterday
so this is to him with all my love
he is my angel from up above...

so this is goodbye to all hear
my life ain't shit without him...
i'm leaving this place and
i wont be back at all today...

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