by Kristin
(Ohio, USA)

As I lay here ... awake,

I start to wonder ... how long will it take?
Before I start to doubt my every move again.
How long can I live with this pain?
You just play with my life like it's a game.

I walk the halls of this school every day.
Things run crazily through my head—things I will never say.
Every time i see your face, my heart begins to race.
Faster and faster, but I can't keep up the pace.

When I talk to you, it's like I'm in a different world.
A world where nothing matters.
But eventually I realize, in this world, I will not stay.
These people are actors, just running a play.
Why should I take another breath?
Would they even be sad at the news of my death?

This question runs through my head,
As I lay here in my bed.
Remembering all the tears I've shed,
Just walk away ... for my heart is already dead.

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