Dear You

by Emily

Why Men Withdraw From Women

Dear You

Everyone is telling me to give up, and move on.
But why should I? What’s the point?
They don’t understand.
They don’t understand that when I look at you,
I see everything I need.
They can’t possibly imagine what it’s like,
Because they never knew you the way I did.
They never looked into your eyes,
And saw their whole world.
I wish for once, they could walk a mile in my shoes.
Then maybe they would understand,
That I didn’t need a mile.
I needed only one step,
And my whole world seemed right.
They tell me to get over you,
But they just don't understand.
You are my life, you were meant for me.
Letting go is not an option.
They say it will be easy,
As if they have felt this before.
But they truth is, they haven’t.
They didn’t know that I gave you all my heart.
They didn’t know how you made me believe you did the same.
They didn’t know how you broke it.
Crushed it.
Shattered it.
They ask me what I ever saw in you.
If I had the courage to answer,
I would have said everything.
I used to bleed, to suffocate my pain.
But the truth is, now I’ve become numb.
You took all of the feelings away,
The day that you said goodbye.
And I wish with all of my heart,
Or at least what is left,
I didn’t feel this way.
After everything, I'll confess it.
I need you.
Despite it all; I still love you.
If you ask me for how much longer,
I will tell you that the day forever is over,
Is the day that I will stop.
I am no longer the same person without you.
I am different.
I have changed.
I haven’t smiled since you told me you loved me…
Even if it was a lie.
It must have been hard for you to tell me that you loved me,
And make it look like you meant it.
You had the power to hurt me like nobody else ever could,
And you did.
Nothing in my world seems real anymore.
You made it look so easy.
As you hugged me goodbye, I wished I could hold on forever.
You looked at me, and wiped away my tears,
It almost seemed like you cared.
And the hardest part,
Is acting like I’m happy for you that you moved on.
But you forgot about me.
You forgot about us.
How can that possibly make me happy?
And all I can say now, is that I am sorry.
I’m sorry for falling so hard.
I’m sorry for being stupid enough to believe that you’d catch me.
And I’m sorry that I wasn’t good enough,
For you to love me too.

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