Deceit and Lies

by Hitomi Sunahira

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Deceit and Lies

I was in the sixth grade when I met this guy. Let's call him JB. We were merely acquaintances, when all of a sudden, he texted me one night. From that night, we became extremely close friends. And for once in class, we actually talked to each other.

But then, one day, he asked me if he could court me. I was speechless. This wasn't normal for me. I told him that it was his choice. It seemed he took it as a yes. Everyday in school, he'd always try to find a way to be with me. Later on one day, he asked me if I could be his girlfriend. I couldn't answer him. So, I told him to wait.

The following day, I asked my best friend what I should do. She told me to reject him.

"He's just a player, Hitomi. Don't trust him. He's just playing you. He's done that to every girl. Just so that he'd get a girlfriend before he transfers schools." She said to me.

This struck me. Later on that day, he asked me again. I didn't know whether I should say yes or not. I couldn't tell whether he was lying or not. But, how could he be lying? I haven't seen him do any of those things he did to me to other girls. Maybe I just didn't see it.

But whatever my reason was, I said yes. I took the chance. If he really was lying then I would have noticed it. But his affection was genuine. Or so I thought. We lasted 2 months. It was in late November when he texted me about our relationship. It was a week after getting our report cards.

"Hey, Hitomi? I'm sorry but we have to split up for a while. My parents heard about my average on my card and they weren't happy. When they found out about us, my mother asked me about your grades. I said you were higher than mine. She gave me a look which meant I had to focus on my studies first. I promise I'll be back for you. I love you."

That's all he said. I was terribly hurt. Later on, I found out he was hitting on another girl. Looks like my friend was right...

3 months later, around February the following year, he texted again.

"Hey, babe. It's been a while." (JB)
"Babe? I don't understand." (Me)
"That's what we call each other, right?" (JB)
"Used to. You left me, remember?" (Me)
"Didn't I say I'd come back to you?" (JB)
"Yeah, right after you hit on another girl. Whatever JB. You lied to me." (Me)

We never talked again.

Although he lied to me and fooled me, there'll always be that one little corner of my heart that still loves him and wants him to come back.

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Mar 22, 2011
by: Misty Portillo

Wow im so sorry. i read your story i wonder why are guys so cruel and mean. they have no compassion whatsoever. all i can say is to be strong and again im so sorry and i know how you feel.

May 30, 2010
One Word
by: Anonymous


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