delay caused me to fall out of love... im confused

(united kingdom)

I met a man who was separated from his wife, still married (not living with her) but due to get divorced. A year and a half of dating went by and finally (after a lot of stress for me as I'd never wanted to be the 'other woman'), he has sort of started the process off (still no papers but he is now doing the house up ready for sale). We are very compatible in many ways but I am losing my love for him - why? because I feel that if he loved me in the passionate way he claims, nothing would have stopped him from divorcing sooner.

I told him (often) how much distress it was causing me, that I had a lot of unhappiness over it and that I felt it was possible he could choose to return to her at any moment, nothing drove him to get on with it. I think the time it's taken has meant I have lost the gloss for the relationship, and now my loving feelings for him are fading fast. It looks as though the divorce is going to start in the next few months but I don't know that I want him anymore. The sad thing is, we are both in our early 50's, so its unlikely that we will meet such a compatible companion again in a rush, if at all. and I did once have a strong loving bond with him.

I have told him that if he doesn't have any news for me on the divorce in the next month that I will need to back off until something changes as I'm not prepared to find myself still in this position in 6 month's time. But, even if it all happened and he got the blooming divorce(!), I don't know if I should let the past be the past, and not worry about the time it took, or see that as a sign that he is not willing to put me first. He seems to dote and adore me, but is that really enough?? Should I walk? Advice please

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