Depressed wife

by DeeDee

After over 37 years of marriage, I discovered that my husband had been calling and texting another woman---she's single and three-times divorced! When I confronted him, he lied and said I was crazy and that he had not been talking to her. I had the cell and text histories! Then he said that she was a friend who had a lot of problems. He made a point to tell me that he had to delete his calls and texts because they were killing his phone battery. The calls and texts escalated whenever I was out of town. He was always asked to go with me but refused because he had animals to feed! He never took me anywhere---even out to eat! It --- whatever it was--- is over, but I can't get over the fact that he had an intimate emotional affair with her for over a year. I had warned him about her before, that she was trouble and a "Drama Queen." He didn't listen and continued the several calls and texts daily--- sometimes as many as ten calls and twenty texts back and forth. It's been over two months since I confronted him. He feels no sorrow for hurting me, no guilt, no remorse, and no regret! I love him, but he destroyed my trust, my respect for him, and probably our marriage, how can I stay with him or do I need to leave. He is a man who no one would have ever suspected would have done something like this! He hurt me so deeply that I'm having trouble emerging from this!

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Aug 29, 2012
by: Pamela

My opinion don't settle for less than you deserve, you deserve so much more, someone that can make you happy and enjoy the life you have. I know you love him but he will take advantage of all you have to give and plus he is cheating on u and wont admit it, if he does care about you he will stop. It's not fair on u or the relationship you both have. If you choose to leave him I know it will be difficult and you might even get depressed. But stay strong ok :) it will all be worth it in the end. You will be happy, so don't put up with his crap and lies. I am just a teen and I got heartbroken 4 times by the same guy and now he likes my sister.. I have to admit I was broken but I'm choosing to be strong and be happy and find someone that does deserve me. Plus my parents recently got divorced and I do understand how difficult that can be too.. if you need to talk to me more Id be glad to help, I don't usually check this site so you can message me on facebook if u have it, my name is Pamela Pumnut. Take care :)

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