Desperate For An Escape

by emoheartlexii

The blood in my veins,

Desperate for an escape.
My soul,
Longing for safety.
I cannot trust myself, here alone.
Please put me beneath the surface,
Where I belong.
You know I don’t mean anything to you,
Yet you tell me that I do.
These tricks are played on my heart,
My mind, and in my dreams.
I want to be left alone,
Unless you really care.
I need more than you're giving me,
I want more than I deserve.
I am a horrible person,
Just say it now.
Gives a better reason,
To put my life down.
Now comes the part,
Where I show you what to do,
By putting this blade,
Right against and through.
Bleeding out all that I have,
Crying out all that I was.
I pray not to live.
I hope my ending will change the end,
Of all the other troubled souls.

Note from author:
All the poems I post are my own originals, so please, don't take, and use as your own ... I spend hours writing each day, and I'd like to keep whats mine, as mine. Thanks.

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