by Gee

Love is Dharma. Love is something we crave, but not something we need. We crave because we have persuaded ourselves that this is what we need to be happy. A relationship...but you see, Dharma cravings are only temporary. Love never really lasts forever..

We need to know this, that not everything in life that you want can you get! The things that we really need to be happy, are those that havent even crossed our mind. What about thinking about how you make other people happy...that is something that makes you happy. And it doesnt make you hurt like love..

Love..it seems like a great idea at the time, but it always backfires. Its like glass, its better to leave it cracked rather than hurting yourself trying to put the pieces back together.
So we should think about the more important things in life and remember that everything happens for a reason..:)

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