you are like the diamond

you glimmer and you glow
and shine so brightly
some, like me, draw close
to feel your warmth, your heat
only to find none

you are like the diamond
you are bright and strong
but you have no warmth, or love
it's a terrible game
to play with people's hearts
like mine

you are like the diamond
you will last longer than most
but you will have no love
no warmth to back up that bright light
so what kind of life will it be?
besides long?

will you regret it someday?
regret being so much like the diamond?
regret being so cold
and look for me
and find me gone
can i ever leave?

no, i could never leave you
i am drawn to this cold light
this false sense of warmth you give
i keep wishing and hoping
that someday you'll give warmth
but this will never be....
diamonds last forever.

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