Dmitri F.

by Skittles!
(Kirtland, New Mexico)

Why couldn't you see

We were meant to be
I miss you so
Can't find a way to let you go
It's breaking my heart
Freaking tearing me apart
Now I'm just letting you know that
After I chased you around for a while;
I've stopped chasing you
I was trying to catch your love but it was too hard for me
Now I’m going to get over you &
At this very moment
You’re going to wish you had
let me catch your love because
I loved you
And I went too far
You broke my heart
Leaving a never healing scar
You found someone new
I cried
You lied
I’m depressed
And my heart is full of emptiness because you asked:
If I needed you
My answer was forever
You asked if I’d leave you
My answer was never
You asked what I value
My answer was you
You asked if I loved you
My answer was I do and
after all those times you've hurt me
the times you made me cry...
why do I forgive you with every little sigh?
The times that you've betrayed me,
and the times you've ignored me,
and the times my pain has shown...
why do I still love you,
though you left me all alone?
With the sadness you've left upon me...
and the tears that fall each day...
why am I still in love with you,
though you've treated me this way?

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