Do I move on?

by casey

I went out with the same guy for two years.
Then our relationship came to a very sad and depressing ending.

We tried again about three months later.
Everything was perfect and all of a sudden, it just ended.
There was no closure, no explanation.

Now he is with the same girl that he goes to every time something happens between me and him. It's killing me!
He bounces between me and her.
It hurts me seeing him with her.
But he's happy.
At least he is putting off like he is.
He hides his true feelings a lot but I guess
I should be happy he's happy.
Bbut it's getting harder and harder to move on from him every time I see him.
I compare everyone I date to him.
We haven't talked in 24 days.
I'm wanting to talk to him,
but it's like every time I try, he doesn't want to talk to me.
At all.
He told me just to leave him be,
leave him alone.
His exact words were: stay out of my way and I'll stay out of yours.
What is that suppose to mean?
I listen to the voicemail he left me about a month ago all the time.
He's talking about how much he loves me
and that I never need to doubt the love he has for me because it's always going to be there.

Should I move on from him and try to find my own happiness?

How to really get to know the person you are dating to determine if you can have a good relationship.

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