Do I really even like this guy?

by Bree
(United States Longmont Colorado)

I use to like a guy and we were really good friends but then I asked him out(I'm a girl) and he said we are just friends. So now we hardly ever talk and when we do it's really fun like old times of sitting in the back of the class getting in trouble and I really love it.

But there is another guy we'll call B. Well, B. is just like me we are both coaches' children, we both play basketball. we love sports and then on top of that all, I think I just might like him. Of course B. isn't single, he isn't interested in any other girl, he thinks we are just friends which we are. But knowing myself and knowing that I just got my heart broken, I knew it was going to be B. who had to fix it. But I am afraid talking to him all the time and letting him be my distraction is going to lead me into falling in love with him. Whenever my dad and I go to his practice(B plays on my dad's team) he is always making jokes and making me laugh and honestly I love it. B. really makes me forget about the other guy or any other guy. He doesn't know it and I've decided that because I care more about our friendship, more than my heart that got me in trouble the last time, I am going to be his friend, just like we are supposed to be.

And if we stay friends all throughout high school and maybe into college then, I am okay with that because I care so much about him. The things people say about him are so rude and mean but all I see is a guy that I can trust and I don't know many of them anymore. So maybe being friends with this guy is the best possible way to go, because I want all of his humor his whole smile his complete crazy laugh for the rest of my life and it won't be that way if I do something to ruin it.

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