Do you follow your heart or your head?

by xxxxx

I have a boyfriend who I have feelings for but I still have feelings for my ex. I have done for ages and he told me that he still likes me, but why does he choose to tell me once I have moved on?

He finished with me the 1st time because of the 2 year age gap, and the 2nd time because I wouldn't have sex with him. And I finished it the 3rd because he was going to anyway.

I have told him how I feel about him and my current boyfriend sort of knows. They both claim to love me.

My ex's best mate is also one of my best mates, he tells me everything and I tell him everything. I asked him to ring my ex and ask him if he still likes me, and my ex's reply was "no, she has had her chance".

This was because I chose to stay with my current boyfriend. I am really in love with my ex though, and it makes me cry when I think of him. He treated me like crap and only seemed to be after one thing, but my current boyfriend seems perfect apart from the 4 year age gap.

My head says finish with **** and get with ****.. My heart says stay with **** he treats you right and isn't going to mess you around...

What do you do, follow your head or follow your heart?

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